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Tube amplifier repair in the Opera special workshop

Top service during and after the warranty period.

You have never enjoyed your favorite music so harmoniously, purely, softly and intensively - a tube amplifier from Opera Consonance ensures an unmistakable music experience.

The products of the world market leader will accompany you for a very long time, if not for a lifetime. Despite the excellent workmanship of the devices, it can of course happen that the tube or another part needs to be replaced. Then the amplifier is in professional hands in our special partner workshop, which specializes in Opera products. Here, the repair of all Opera devices is carried out reliably and carefully.

Fast and uncomplicated processing the tube amplifier repair

Whether within or outside the warranty period - the experienced workshop employees take care of all defects. The goal is always to find a quick, professional solution.

Procedure during the warranty period

In case of a warranty claim, please let us know and send us your Opera component in the original packaging as agreed. We will ensure that your Opera product is repaired and returned to you free of charge as quickly as possible in the event of a warranty repair.

Tube exchange and tube calibration for Opera products

In our specialized partner workshop your tube device is in professional hands.

Pure music enjoyment is guaranteed with a tube amplifier or other tube device from Opera Consonance. Only very few manufacturers worldwide still offer this now unique, formerly widely used, technology. Did you know that tubes are now only manufactured in Russia?

Therefore, only a few experts are still familiar with tube equipment, repair and tube exchange - FLUX-HiFi in Haßloch is one of these experts. In Germany and the rest of Europe - except Spain, Serbia, Finland and Norway - we are the exclusive distributor of Opera Consonance, also when it comes to tube exchange or tube calibration.

High quality tubes for a unique sound

The heart of Opera Consonance amplifiers, CD players and other products is their tube, which provides a distinctive, harmonious and clear musical experience. If this needs to be replaced, there are various tube models to choose from. We offer the original tubes used by the manufacturer and special types such as NOS (New old stock) tubes. The type of tube has a significant impact on the sound of the component and should be chosen carefully.

If you decide to use an amplifier with bias function, the amplifier will automatically set the correct operating point of the tubes. With these models, you can perform the tube replacement yourself, if desired. Of course, we are also happy to do this for you.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you purchase channel-separated selective tubes in pairs. For amplifiers that do not have this extra, the operating points of the tubes should be carefully balanced to keep the hum and noise voltage distance as high as possible and to ensure an optimal sound. We can perform this service for you, even for tubes purchased from other manufacturers or existing tubes for a flat rate specific to the type.

Contact us now for the tube exchange. We will advise you in detail and make you an individual offer.

Experience music in a perfect sound quality.

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