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Streaming-Transporter X5 MKII Audio Stream Interface

Opera Consonance X5

The X5 module instantly turns our DACs into a full-fledged streamer and the whole thing works without the need to install new apps on all your devices at home.

Our X5 module connects via USB to our DSD DACs Reference DSD 1.3 and/or Reference DSD 1.1 and connects them via W-LAN/LAN to your network. Never again do you have to get up to walk to your PC/laptop at the front of the stereo to start a new playlist or album.

With this small module you can do it comfortably via network, independent of the operating system or device (laptop/PC/smartphone/tablet/...). With the help of your browser you communicate directly with the X5 and have full access to your NAS, can comfortably play radio streams or access USB sticks that can be plugged in the back of the X5 (4x USB 2.0).

For initial configuration, the X5 is connected via LAN cable. Now you can comfortably access the X5 via your browser by IP or by command "opera.local" (iTunes required). Now conveniently connect the X5 to your W-LAN and link it to your NAS. Once you have completed your desired configuration, the X5 comes into your listening room and is now 100% available to you.

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