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NewsHigh End exhibition pieces strongly reduced

Messe München

We offer the following exhibition pieces of the last High End with a discount of 30 percent:

  • Turntable Walküre                    3498,60 € instead of 4998,- €
  • Headphone amplifier Linear Q   4198,61 € instead of 5998,- €
  • Headphone amplifier Cyber 2.0   908,60 € instead of 1298,- €
  • Transistor amplifier Calaf mk2   3498,60 € instead of 4998,- €

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From May 19 to 22, 2022 - finally after two years of pandemic break - the High End took place in Munich. Five of us from FLUX-Hifi and Opera-Consonance were there and absolutely thrilled. The international audio fair was characterized by personal encounters with customers, dealers, distributors, exhibitors, colleagues, friends and random conversations with other visitors. More than 19,500 visitors, about half of them were business visitors, created a special atmosphere of passion and innovation in the halls and atriums of the Munich Exhibition Center.

The High End is divided into two business visitor days and two consumer days. Interested visitors from 80 countries were able to explore 450 exhibitors from 40 countries. Presented at Flux-Hifi were our classics FLUX-Sonic, FLUX-Turbo2.0 and FLUX-Brush, and as a product novelty FLUX-Vinylcleaner the cleaning fluid for all record washing machines.

At Opera, besides the well-known tube products, 3 new products could be presented, a streamer with CD player the CDS8 and the little brother CDS120 as well as the small loudspeakers ELF.

Alan Parsons was brand ambassador of the fair and mingled with the audience. After the show is before the show: High-End will continue to be an important venue for audio enthusiasts. Will we meet next year from May 18 to 21, 2023 as usual in Munich?

Linear PH1

Linear PH1 Phono Stage

Linear PH1 is an phono stage specially designed for low output moving coil cartridges.

The most unusual feature of the Linear PH1 phono stage is its amplification method. Conventional step-up transformers or Low noise amplification are designed to accurately amplify the very low output voltage of moving coil cartridges. In contrast, the extracts the maximum current signal from the cartridge, and then this current is converted into a voltage high enough to drive a RIAA phono stage. 

All cartridges have magnetic distortion caused by nonlinear characteristics within the magnetic materials of the cartridge components. These distortions have an adverse affect on the sound quality.

The Current Input Design always makes the optimum adjustment for the pickup system.By using current amplification and extracting the current signal, the magnetic distortion of the cartridge is significantly reduced. In other words the linearity across the reproducible frequency range for the cartridge is improved. As a result the LPH1 is able to amplify the original cutting signal on records as precisely as possible.

The sonic advantages of the LPH1 compared to conventional phono stages is immediately apparent. The neutral soundstage, rich mid-bass and smooth highs are most impressive. The overall sound quality offers improved transparency and resolution.


  • HARMONIC DISTORTION: 0.02% (for 2V RMS at output)
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: Current Input, Automatic adaptation
  • GAIN: 62dB (1300 times) Ri=30 RCA, 68dB (2600 times) Ri=30 XLR
  • INPUT: 1 group (RCA)
  • OUTPUT: 1 group (RCA), 1 group (XLR)
  • GROUNDING: 1 group
  • CONSUMPTION: 15watt
  • DIMENSIONS: Phonostag 220(D) x 250(W) x 100 (H) mm
  • PSU 220(D)x160(W)x130(H) mm
  • WEIGHT: Phonostag 3.5kg PSU 2.7kg
Linear PH1
Phono PH1

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