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Preamplifier Linear 1 The tip of the iceberg

Opera Consonance Linear 1

The Linear 1 is every hifi enthusiast's dream. Emotion is delivered here. Music that carries you away, captivates you and never lets you go. You thought you knew your vinyl or CD collection? Far deceived. Recognize details that you have not even guessed before. This preamp will take you to undreamed-of heights. No wonder that the editors of Audio did not want to give this gem away again.

Unusually puristically constructed, uncompromising Class A preamplifier. Nothing was spared in the use of components: 2 pieces 101 D triodes (Guaigang), 2 pieces 2a3 from Shuguang as well as the 6SL7 from Fullmusic, pure silver wiring, extremely expensive Solen MKP capacitors and last but not least the Swedish Lundahl transformers provide a rarely pure, highly resolved very finest sound experience.

Technical data

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