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Opera Audio Consonanceintroduces itself

Opera Audio Consonance was founded in Beijing in 1994 by Shi Hui Liu. The studied engineer developed his first tube amplifier to realize personal sound ideals, the first sales followed, which laid the foundation for a rapid rise of the Opera Consonance brand.

As one of the largest manufacturers and developers of high-end audio in China, Opera Consonance is now successfully sold in over 30 countries. The name is tradition, Liu is a great lover of European opera and enthusiastic collector of classic hi-fi components, an aura of ingenious invention characterizes each product.

"Less knobs, more music" is the credo under which the final products created to the utmost naturalness in reproduction, coupled with a unique, independent design are realized. As the first manufacturer of Chinese origin, Liu developed exceptional analog drives, and later even its own tonearms, which already have reference status in many countries.


The CD players of the Droplet series have already received various design awards for the implementation of new, forward-looking ideas. You get here handmade high-end products from a country with over 5000 years of cultural history, perfectly crafted, an investment for life and possibly the beginning of a long friendship...

Since the successful launch of the outstanding products 10 years ago, the Opera-Consonance brand has become one of the leading high-end manufacturers in Europe. Especially the tube amplifiers and tube CD players enjoy an excellent reputation.

To ensure that you, dear customer, continue to receive the best possible service and can buy at a fair price, we have decided to sell all Opera Consonace products directly. We take your old equipment in payment at the highest prices and are at your side with advice and support. Ask for your individual offer, because:

"Life becomes more beautiful with a tube of Opera Consonance."

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