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Power strip with filter PW-1E 3-fold power strip incl. filtering and protection function

Opera Consonance PW-1E

Handmade high-end power filter with 3 slots. The Opera Consonance PW 1 E is a mixture of power strip and mains filter. All 3 slots are directly connected to minimize contact resistance. The housing is made of full aluminum and offers optimal shielding. A cold-device socket offers the possibility to connect different power cables, optimally works the interaction for example with the Opera Consonance Ella Baby. All types of digital devices benefit most from the mains filter, but also preamplifiers and power amplifiers play much more accentuated and sovereign with the PW 1 E. Especially tube devices love a purified operating voltage which makes it easier for the tubes to operate at their optimal working points.

Technical data

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