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Tube AmplifierExclusive retailer of Opera Consonance high-end audio equipment

Full amplifier Cyber 880i

Opera Consonance Cyber 880i

The Cyber 880i is the perfect for those looking for a superlative stereo amplifier without sacrificing anything. Beautifully impressive design, pure performance, and a ...

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Full amplifier M100 plus

Opera Consonance M100 plus

The M 100 was the first amplifier development by Opera-Consonance. Based on the ingenious circuit of the Jadis classic, the enthusiast gets the entire tube magic alrea ...

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Preamplifier Linear 1

Opera Consonance Linear 1

The Linear 1 is every hifi enthusiast's dream. Emotion is delivered here. Music that carries you away, captivates you and never lets you go. You thought you knew your ...

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Phono Amplifier Reference 40 MKII

Opera Consonance Reference 40 mk2

The MK2 version differs from the MK1 version by optimizations in the circuit system of the preamplifier and the power supply. In addition, two inputs can now be used. ...

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Headphone tube amplifier Cyber 20 mk2

Opera Consonance Cyber 20 mk2

Hard to believe but just in time for this year's high-end trade show in Munich we were able to present our revised version of the well appreciated and loved headphone ...

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