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RCA cable Billie Red Edition High-end RCA cable

Opera Consonance Billie Red Edition

Like all Opera components, the Opera high-end RCA cable "Billie" is handmade to the highest standards. Once again, Opera founder and developer Shi Hui Liu has outdone himself with the new Red Edition. He more than lives up to his claim of perfection. For many years, a large circle of enthusiasts has enjoyed the components and hi-fi accessories from Opera Consonance. Become part of this circle.

Only high-quality materials are used in the newly developed Red Edition. The Teflon dielectric isolate the braided shield from the signal conductor. The shielding is connected to the negative signal conductor on the potential side, as well as on both ends. A PU braiding ensures the stable hold of the overall construction and of course also contributes to the great feel, which one is otherwise only accustomed to much more expensive cables. The plugs contact via hard gold-plated expanding plugs to minimize contact resistance.

Great importance was placed here on the correct ratio between material and mass. Despite the material thickness, the cable is quite low in capacitance, which predestines it for the connection of tube components, but also as an analog connection of turntables and phono parts.

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