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HD/DSD-Streaming-Player Reference 8 Pro NEW - Third generation HD/DSD streaming player

NEW - Third generation HD/DSD streaming player

The Reference 8 Pro, which has matured over three generations, is the new all-purpose player for the ever-growing streaming sector. In addition to an update of the DSD converter generation to AK4497, large parts of the processor areas have also been expanded. With the help of a quad-core processor, the Reference 8 Pro masters all application areas with unprecedented ease. Whether it's processing high-res files or accessing large amounts of data, the network player knows how to impress. A new user interface via the browser is a joy to use across systems and gives you, the user, the freedom to decide whether you prefer to work via a MAC, via a classic Windows PC/laptop or via an android-based system. As soon as your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone has a browser, the Reference 8 Pro can be accessed conveniently.

Like its predecessors, this is an audiophile streaming player with an integrated D/A converter and a level-adjustable tube output stage. The network player processes signals via W-LAN and LAN and can be linked to your home NAS. If you don't have a NAS, you can set up an internal NAS using the X1 module. Alternatively, USB sticks and USB hard drives can be connected directly to the Reference 8 Pro. The integrated AK4497 D/A converter is designed to be easily replaced in the future. This way, Opera Consonance ensures that you can enjoy the Reference 8 Pro for a long time to come. Furthermore, the D/A converter has three inputs for external components, has its own clock generator to process all sampling frequencies optimally and without generating sound-damaging jitter due to poor synchronization and can even be used as a preamplifier. Even an iPhone sounds fabulous over it. The highlight is the integrated DSD converter, whose signal is tapped directly from the CPU and fed into the DAC without further processing (as with classic PCM streaming). Thus, the ultimate resolution of the DSD stream arrives directly at the right place and spoils the listener with unprecedented fineness.

With the X1, CDs can be played back in ultimate quality using the upsampler integrated into the Reference 8 Pro, or they can be stored on the integrated hard drive (which can be equipped with up to 4 terabytes of capacity). The trick here is that the Reference 8 Pro, with the help of special software and storage, not only reads the audio track of the CD once, but also scans and processes the audio track several times before playback. This allows for details that a regular CD player, even the Droplet CDP 5.0 HD can never manage. Thanks to the rip function and the processing of hard disks over 3 TB, a conversion of their extensive CD collection to the hard drives is an easy task. Converted automatically to high-resolution FLAC format.

Note: Please specify your desired color in the comment field when ordering. The strips on the top are available in black (solid aluminum) or in wood (walnut, rosenut). The X1 module is always in black.

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