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Record player „The Valkyrie“

Opera Consonance „The Valkyrie“

The new Valkyrie mk2

Here, the droplet principle of maximum strength with high damping has been taken to the extreme with a combination of air suspension and sandwich construction. At the same time, a design has been created which would also have delighted Richard Wagner himself. 3 tonearms can be mounted on the turntable without the need for additional outriggers. Both the excellent in-house tonearms, as well as any SME, Rega, Ortofon tonearms can be mounted without any problems.

The high-density, clear acrylic platter combined with the bearing design from the Droplet LP 5.0, along with the decoupled DC motor, provide incredible noise and rumble voltage clearances, as well as the lowest possible synchronization fluctuations. Such a sophisticated turntable has never been offered on the turntable market in this price range before.

Differences to the previous version:
- refined decoupling
- new motor unit for smoother and trouble-free drive- new laser-based control unit for even better synchronization control
- new power supply unit for finer power supply

Technical data

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