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Plate washing machine RCM-C NEW - The Clean Man

Opera Consonance RCM-C

The new star on the Walk of Fame of clean vinyl is on its way and soon available. Feel free to ask us how you can already secure an RCM-C.

The new RCM-C extends our already long known and appreciated RCM series upwards. Like all our plate washers, the RCM-C has a high-quality and solid aluminum housing which fits timelessly into your home. Thanks to the solid and stable construction, the RCM-C is tuned for long durability and delights with easy handling.

By means of single-point suction, your vinyl collection achieves a cleanliness that has washed. Groove for groove is cleaned by means of a very quiet and high-quality vacuum pump and a thread. Thanks to the capillary action between the cleaning liquid and the thread, the dirt is perfectly bound and removed. You have never experienced your vinyl so clean.

Care and preserve is the motto of this high quality record washer!

Technical data

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