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Speaker Cable Joplin Red Edition Single-BiWire The speaker cable for the demanding music lover

Joplin Red Edition Bi-Wire

Special offer on our studio speaker cable. 1A condition and this offer is linked to 1 pair.

Again, Opera founder Shi Hui Liu could improve the first-class premium speaker cable Joplin through various series of experiments. The Red Edition not only impresses with a visually strong impression in the company color of the manufacture, but also has a lot more to offer than the previous versions. For many years, a large circle of enthusiasts has enjoyed Opera Consonance components and hi-fi accessories. Become part of this circle.

The Red Edition combines the original sound characteristics of the first Joplin cable with further refined shielding of the Premium Edition. The combination of a new woven mesh on the surface and with the refined denser signal shielding compared to the previous version allows the signal to pass through the individual strands of high purity OFC copper without interference. As in the Premium Edition, a sophisticated dielectric works here, which further reduces external influences. The resulting sound effect is sensational. Increased dynamics, more details and also an expansion of the sound spectrum awaits you.

This cable is available as a single-single and as a bi-wiring version. The special feature of the bi-wiring version is the double shielded cable from start to finish.

The cable ends are basically assembled with hard gold-plated laboratory hollow plugs and have a marked running direction.

Technical data

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