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Headphone tube amplifier Cyber 20 mk2 Headphone tube

Opera Consonance Cyber 20 mk2

Hard to believe but just in time for this year's high-end trade show in Munich we were able to present our revised version of the well appreciated and loved headphone tube amplifier Cyber 20 mk2.

Fueled by the advance announcement of the audios, our mk2 version was one of the most requested products in hall 4.

By using new selected components, we were not only able to build the power supply better and with less interference, but also to completely redefine the power routing to our Cyber 20 at the same time. These changes alone have given the Cyber 20 a completely new depth and dynamics. But it doesn't end there by a long shot. The amplifier's fine free-wiring, new selected output transformers and NOS tubes allow us to take full advantage of the significantly improved power flow.

In the output two NOS 6CH6 tubes in triode circuit single ended, driven by a 12AU7. The external power supply with complete LC filtering is already included. Unique also the output transformer which in this form have not yet been used. This allows the headphone impedance to be set from 10 to 600 ohms via a switch on the front panel. 2 headphone outputs guarantee the great pleasure even for two. Far away from the sound of transistor-equipped amps, there is here for relatively little money already the very big experience!
Enjoy music and become the conductor of your favorite song.

New in the mk2 series the Cyber 20 mk2 completely in black. This is made exclusively on demand.
The classic version silver - walnut is available as usual through our dealers.

This amplifier is excellent, find also the readers of AUDIO and Stereoplay and award the Cyber 20 mk2 the 2nd place in the category headphone amplifier in this year's readers' choice (Golden Ear 2016).

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