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Line filter D-Linear 15 The clean man! More details, More spectrum, More power

D-Linear 15

Finally a power conditioner that really meets all the needs of effective power conditioning. A total of 10 devices can be connected. These are divided into 3 groups: Amplifier, Analog and Digital components. In each group, the voltage is supplied to the end sockets via a separate isolating transformer mounted in silicone gel. In addition, an active filter cascade has been integrated in each group to block DC components from the mains. The power amplifier outputs are extremely heavy-duty, so that even several powerful power amplifiers can be connected here. In contrast to other commercially available mains filters, no reduction in dynamics and playing pleasure is noticeable; on the contrary, the music gains in assertiveness and intensity.

In addition, overvoltage protection, lightning and short-circuit protection are integrated, so that your valuable high-end equipment can not be damaged by external influences. A device that the enthusiast has long been waiting for at an affordable price, elsewhere equal costs 5,000, - to 8,000, - euros.

Technical data

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