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Horn loudspeaker M15 20th anniversary

Opera Consonance M15 20 Anniversary

Opera has revived this speaker species to the delight of all tube lovers!

For the 20th anniversary of the company, the Anniversary version was created on the ba ...

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Record player

Record player „The Valkyrie“

Opera Consonance „The Valkyrie“

The new Valkyrie mk2

Here, the droplet principle of maximum strength with high damping has been taken to the extreme with a combination of air suspension and sa ...

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Record player WAX Engine

Opera Consonance WAX Engine

The latest development from Consonance is called WAX Engine and is a further developed version of the already known and tested LP 6.3. Minimalist, the drive comes alon ...

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Tube CD player

Tube CD player Droplet CDP 5.0 HD

Opera Consonance Droplet CDP 5.0 HD

A castle of CD player! With this state of the art device, everything was thrown into the scale that stands for good sound and top design. An impressive 25 kg result fr ...

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Tube CD player Reference CD 2.2 MK II HD

Opera Consonance Reference CD 2.2 MK III HD

The tube CD player matured over 2 generations with true balanced outputs. The player impresses with everything that the mature listener expects from a high-end player ...

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Record Cleaning Machine

Plate washing machine RCM-H

Opera Consonance RCM-H

Unique in this price range! A record washing machine should not be missing at any record lover. Not only dirty and old records are given a new lease of life here. Also ...

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Plate washing machine RCM-C

Opera Consonance RCM-C

The new star on the Walk of Fame of clean vinyl is on its way and soon available. Feel free to ask us how you can already secure an RCM-C.

The new RCM-C extends ...

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Tube Amplifier

Full amplifier Cyber 880i

Opera Consonance Cyber 880i

The Cyber 880i is the perfect for those looking for a superlative stereo amplifier without sacrificing anything. Beautifully impressive design, pure performance, and a ...

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Full amplifier M100 plus

Opera Consonance M100 plus

The M 100 was the first amplifier development by Opera-Consonance. Based on the ingenious circuit of the Jadis classic, the enthusiast gets the entire tube magic alrea ...

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Preamplifier Linear 1

Opera Consonance Linear 1

The Linear 1 is every hifi enthusiast's dream. Emotion is delivered here. Music that carries you away, captivates you and never lets you go. You thought you knew your ...

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Phono Amplifier Reference 40 MKII

Opera Consonance Reference 40 mk2

The MK2 version differs from the MK1 version by optimizations in the circuit system of the preamplifier and the power supply. In addition, two inputs can now be used. ...

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Headphone tube amplifier Cyber 20 mk2

Opera Consonance Cyber 20 mk2

Hard to believe but just in time for this year's high-end trade show in Munich we were able to present our revised version of the well appreciated and loved headphone ...

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HD/DSD-Streaming-Player Reference 8 Pro

NEW - Third generation HD/DSD streaming player

The Reference 8 Pro, which has matured over three generations, is the new all-purpose player for the ever-growing streaming sector. In addition to an update of the DSD ...

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Streaming-Transporter X5 MKII

Opera Consonance X5

The X5 module instantly turns our DACs into a full-fledged streamer and the whole thing works without the need to install new apps on all your devices at home.


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Music Player X5 Pro MKII

Opera Consonance X5 Pro

Shi Hui Liu has done it and responded to the wishes of his customers by further developing the X5 streaming interface, which has been in existence for a year. The resu ...

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Transistor amplifier

Transistor integrated amplifier Calaf MKII

Opera Consonance Forbidden City Calaf mk2

Amplifier pure! 35 kg of finest electronics built for only one thing: To adequately fire your speakers. Still have a pair of Infinity Kappa from 1990 in the basement? ...

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Phono prestage PM-11

Opera Consonance PM-11

Shi Hui Liu has done it again. The mastermind behind Opera Audio has developed a phono preamplifier for lovers of natural music reproduction who do not necessarily use ...

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Power strip PW-3E

Opera Consonance PW-3E

Handcrafted high-end power strip. With an all-aluminum housing, the PW 3E offers optimal shielding of the sensitive current signal. A clean through-connection of the 5 ...

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Power strip with filter PW-1E

Opera Consonance PW-1E

Handmade high-end power filter with 3 slots. The Opera Consonance PW 1 E is a mixture of power strip and mains filter. All 3 slots are directly connected to minimize c ...

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CD player remote control

Replacement remote control CD

You need a replacement remote control for your CD player? Then you are exactly right here. The usual solid black remote control from Opera Consonance to control our cu ...

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Amplifier remote control

Replacement remote control for amplifier

You need a replacement remote control for your amplifier? Then you are exactly right here. The usual solid black remote control from Opera Consonance, with which you c ...

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Line filter D-Linear 15

D-Linear 15

Finally a power conditioner that really meets all the needs of effective power conditioning. A total of 10 devices can be connected. These are divided into 3 groups: A ...

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RCA cable Billie Red Edition

Opera Consonance Billie Red Edition

Like all Opera components, the Opera high-end RCA cable "Billie" is handmade to the highest standards. Once again, Opera founder and developer Shi Hui Liu has outdone ...

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Speaker Cable Joplin Red Edition Single-BiWire

Joplin Red Edition Bi-Wire

Special offer on our studio speaker cable. 1A condition and this offer is linked to 1 pair.

Again, Opera founder Shi Hui Liu could improve the first-class premi ...

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Suction arm for RCM-H

RCM replacement suction arm

So that nothing stands in the way of the long-term cleanliness of your record collection, we offer you the matching suction arm as an accessory with. Here you get a ne ...

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