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Phono Amplifier Reference 40 MKII Phono preamplifier (MM/MC) with passive RIAA equalization

Opera Consonance Reference 40 mk2

The MK2 version differs from the MK1 version by optimizations in the circuit system of the preamplifier and the power supply. In addition, two inputs can now be used. Both inputs are switchable and can be used for both MM and MC.

Top tube phono stage in Reference Design. Combines all the advantages of a high-end tube circuit with the virtues of optimal phono signal processing. The powerful power supply is outsourced in order to avoid interference with the AF signal. The entire MC branch is realized via selected handmade transformers of wide bandwidth.

The RIAA equalization is passively designed, without any interference or spurious on the wanted signal. Hand wired, without signal influencing solder joints directly over the important connection points. The result can be heard. Rich in timbre, without neglecting dynamics and ultimate openness, the Reference 40 takes you into previously unheard musical worlds.

Technical data

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