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Buy High End Amplifiers Online– the unique OPERA Consonance technology

Only the tube conjures up such a wonderful sound.

From now on, enjoy your favorite pieces of music in the highest possible quality - with a high-end amplifier from OPERA Consonance, the world market leader for tube amplifiers! The tube sound is much smoother, more harmonic, more authentic and more intense than the sound of a pure transistor device. You must not miss this incomparable musical experience.

From the love of music become tube amplifier in the high end segment

When passion meets a purist, stylish design and state-of-the-art tube technology, it's an OPERA Consonance tube amplifier.

For 25 years, founder and opera lover Shi Hui Liu has been creating tube amplifiers of the highest order. He is always inspired by his absolute devotion to music and other influences from art and history. Each amplifier is a lovingly handcrafted, individually built one-of-a-kind. From a backyard workshop in the artists' quarter of Beijing, the company has developed into a globally active manufacture. Then as now, the small, permanent team produces tube amplifiers in the high-end range, which guarantee an incomparable, natural sound experience.

Tube amplifier

In each of his creations, Liu attaches great importance to an aesthetic look with a focus on the essentials. Here he has always worked with renowned designers such as Luigi Colani. Thus, the high-end amplifiers have only a few buttons for easy operation.

But not only the design, also the sophisticated technology is unique on the market. Carefully selected tubes, components as well as transformers specially developed for OPERA Consonance come together to form a perfect whole. From the 300 B tube for high-efficiency loudspeakers to extremely powerful variants with over 100 watts of power per channel, solutions are available to meet the most demanding requirements.

Another decisive advantage: The amplifiers are partially free wired - there are no integrated circuits and mini boards, only full signal flow.

Of course, the CD players, phono preamplifiers and streamers also inspire with the tube technology characteristic of OPERA Consonance. Highest-quality ceramic sockets to hold the tubes, solid RCA sockets turned from solid, as well as foil capacitors from Auricap specially developed for OPERA Consonance transform every tube amplifier into a highly complex, exclusive high-end product.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating, beguiling world of music - with a high-end amplifier from OPERA Consonance.

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