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Tube CD player Droplet CDP 5.0 HD The King. CD player with balanced circuit and tube output stage.

Opera Consonance Droplet CDP 5.0 HD

A castle of CD player! With this state of the art device, everything was thrown into the scale that stands for good sound and top design. An impressive 25 kg result from a completely resonance-free, heavy housing with a solid aluminum plate. The toploader is fed from the top, the CD is fixed by a record weight-like magnetic puck.

In addition, the massive removable main lid, all manually operated similar to a large analog drive. To sound like one was the goal of Mr. Liu. The sound is enormously subtle, emotional and highly resolved. There are no sharpnesses or hardenings in the sound that give the impression of digital technology. The presentation is always airy and relaxed. With 2 pieces of 6N30 tubes in the analog output stage the optimal source for any tube or transistor amplifier.
Through the level function, the Droplet CDP 5.0 HD can also be connected directly to a power amplifier or active speakers.

However, you should have the space ready to set up, the dimensions are stately! If you want, you can experiment with the included glass drops that are placed in different arrangements on the aluminum plate. Believe it or not: Sonically, the different arrangements and positions still make differences!
But if you want to get the last icing on the cake out of the Droplet CDP 5.0 HD, you can't get around the massive Droplet Stand.

A comprehensive review can be found in the following issue of Image-Hifi.

The stand is optionally available

Technical data

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