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Plate washing machine RCM-H NEW - Semi-automatic plate washing machine

Opera Consonance RCM-H

Unique in this price range! A record washing machine should not be missing at any record lover. Not only dirty and old records are given a new lease of life here. Also newer pressings profit considerably by the cleaning. Press residues and release agents are removed from the new vinyl without leaving any residue. Internal tensions of the vinyl surface are eliminated. The sound improvement of the record is considerable. Even wet played (Lenco-Clean) rarities can be restored to new condition by repeated washing.

The new version of the RCM-H from Consonance is semi-automatic and has two tanks and two arms. A cleaning liquid, such as a mixture of L'art du Son with distilled water, is stored in one tank and fed to the wet arm at the touch of a button. The wet arm distributes the liquid evenly over the surface of the vinyl via the wet brush. Just 3-4 small bursts of water are enough to evenly wet the vinyl and distribute the liquid deeply. A wet massage for your vinyl.

At the push of a button, the suction arm then frees your vinyl from the loosened dirt and lets your vinyl shine in new splendor. The used cleaning liquid is collected in the second tank and can be drained via a drain hose by loosening the cap.

Thanks to the latest technology, the new RCM-H (also made of aluminum) is much quieter than previous versions, applies the cleaning fluid automatically and has a right/left rotation. The usual advantages of the RCMs from Opera Consonance have been retained. Thus, the new RCM-H also inspires in terms of design, noble materials, functionality and cleaning result.

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